Do You Need A Graphics Card For A Pc? 2023 Reality!

Do You Need A Graphics Card For A Pc? 2023 Reality!

The environment you see on the screen is created by various parts that make up computers. The entire group might stop operating if even one component is missing. A computer’s most important part, graphics cards, shouldn’t be left out of your plans to construct or purchase a laptop.

Do you need a graphics card for a pc? Although a graphics card can significantly increase your computer’s performance, not all PCs require one. For instance, you might not need a graphics card if you’re a casual computer user who doesn’t do much gaming or video editing.

The computer needs a graphics card when the motherboard does not support integrated graphics, and the CPU lacks an iGPU (integrated graphics processing unit). After then, it depends on what you need from your computer.

What Is a Graphics Card Exactly?

Computer components that create the display you see on the screen is called graphics card. It is impossible to see any part of the computing process without a graphics card, including your operating system interface, web browser, or word processing applications.

Not every graphics card is a brick-sized, independent device. The fact that many graphics cards are integrated into motherboards can assist reduce the price and physical space needed. But selecting less sophisticated graphics options will frequently restrict some of your computer’s capabilities.

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Integrated GPUs Vs. Dedicated GPUs

Integrated GPUs:

These days, most motherboards have GPUs built-in or even the CPU itself. Manufacturers of motherboards have included a functional GPU integrated directly into the motherboard’s chipset for decades; no other hardware is needed. 

Purchase a motherboard with a basic integrated GPU that can generate an image for your display. The CPU has been combined with the integrated GPU in recent years.Since integrated graphics only slightly increase the power consumption of the CPU, they are also incredibly energy-efficient. 

Additionally, because of their standardization, you won’t frequently see driver or compatibility problems. On a modern Windows computer, everything will be handled for you.Integrated graphics do, of course, have drawbacks.  

They are not designed for people who perform more demanding activities, including playing games; they are designed for desktop users who read email, browse the web, and write documents. An integrated GPU may delay during a modern game or, even worse, fail to load the game.

Dedicated GPUs:

Performance is a dedicated GPU’s main advantage. A dedicated graphics card features a powerful computer chip called the GPU specifically made for processing video, as well as RAM allocated for that purpose (typically faster and better optimized for the task than your available system RAM). 

This increase in power helps with activities like image processing in Photoshop and less noticeable ones like playing video games. Dedicated GPU cards often offer a wider and more up-to-date selection of video connections than your motherboard, in addition to a dramatic gain in performance. 

Your dedicated GPU may have additional connectors, such as HDMI, but your motherboard may only have VGA and DVI ports (like two DVI ports, which allows you to hook up multiple monitors easily).

Without A Graphics Card, Worst-Case Scenario:

Do You Need A Graphics Card For A Pc

There may be subtle warning indications that your computer is handling your jobs a little more difficult than you originally imagined.

Affects longevity:

Although most people won’t be overly concerned about this, the possibility that your computer’s lifespan is at risk without a graphics card makes you question if you shouldn’t just add one. Your power supply will experience a load, and components like your CPU operating at higher temperatures. 

Therefore, it makes sense if more than one component has a shorter lifespan due to the absence of a graphics card. It makes reasonable to make a minor investment in maintaining your system’s performance.

Getting hotter:

Your CPU’s output of heat would be one such indicator. The computer may appear to be growing warm or functioning at a higher temperature than usual. That isn’t serious by itself. It can merely signify that you are somewhat reducing the lifespan of your machine.

Frame drops:

The other indication, though, might be something known as frame dips or frame skipping. This occurs when the CPU makes every effort to meet the demands. As you may already be aware, the GPU draws or renders an entire frame for display on your monitor many times per second. Everything appears to display smoothly and more naturally as a result of this.

Do You Need A Graphics Card For A Pc?

It is necessary. There is no good way to make a graphics card recommendation that will satisfy everyone. Each person’s needs and resources are unique, influencing the graphics card they finally choose and buy. Take into account your financial situation and the level of performance you demand.

Graphics Cards: How To Choose?


Almost any GPU will do if you only write in a word processor. You might want to search for something with a few more options and a little more power if you’re planning to stream 4K material. You may need to select a very high-end card if you plan to utilize engineering programs or play games with demanding graphic requirements.

Kind of PSU:

Each card has its specifications, and more powerful cards typically consume more power. You must choose a card that draws less power or buy a new PSU that can keep up with the GPU’s needs if your present PSU isn’t rated high enough to handle the card you desire.

When you have the answers to these inquiries, you can start limiting your options and learning the specifics of distinguishing one card from another.


When buying a GPU, this is an essential factor to consider. Price out your entire setup, and then determine how much money is left to spend on a graphics card. If you don’t have as much as planned, see if you can replace another part with a somewhat less expensive one and use the extra money to pay for your card.

Need For Graphics Cards:

A few things influence the requirement for a graphics card or video card. There are other factors besides the hardware’s capacity to function without one.

  • When gaming comes first: when playing video games, when a particular level of performance is required.
  • A workstation requires a computer: For example, 3D animation tasks call for enhanced graphics performance for rendering or more fluid design area operation.
  • Software specifications need it: Some software programs can be graphically taxing enough to demand a graphics card, significantly reducing CPU load.
  • Several monitors A graphics card makes it simpler to attach extra monitors when needed.


All computers contain graphics hardware, which is responsible for everything from processing graphically demanding PC games to displaying your desktop and decoding films. Do you require a graphics card for a computer, as we discussed? You’ll need a dedicated chipset for flawless gaming capabilities at higher resolutions. 

You’ll need a video card to accelerate the rendering of photographs and videos unless you’re a capable camera or editing program. We hope you find this material to be useful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do gaming PCs require graphics cards?

You need a graphics card and a good one to play the newest games. Newer games need a graphics card that can keep up because they are bigger and more graphically complex. Today’s games typically feature minimum and recommended graphics card specifications.

How durable are graphic cards?

GPUs generally last between 5 and 8 years, give or take, assuming regular use and proper maintenance. More if the card is well-maintained and hardly ever used. A good mid-level GPU today would only function at a mid to high level for about three years.

Why do graphics cards cost so much money?

It will take a while before the chip shortfall is resolved, even with several facilities operating at full capacity. Graphics cards are expensive due to a global chip shortage.

Are 4GB graphics cards preferable to 2GB ones?

A 4GB card will have enough room for all those wonderful visuals if you intend to play games on medium to high settings. With most current games, 2Gb is sufficient for low-medium settings, but future titles will cause your pagefile and system RAM to “overflow” with data.

Is installing a graphics card challenge?

Despite being very easy, the process can be a little challenging depending on the size of your PC case and whether any other components are in the way. You will, in any case, insert your graphics card into the PCIe slot.

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